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CSI_11Innovative New Design

The Model A0643TX triaxial accelerometer breaks new ground in sensor technology. This innovative design uses an integral magnetic base to achieve excellent results for virtually all types of vibration monitoring, with – or without – a mounting pad.

With Mounting Pads

When using a mounting pad, for monitoring critical equipment, the sensor response is accurate and repeatable up to 10 KHz in the primary axis and up to 3 KHz in each of the secondary axes. When used with Emerson’s CSI 2130 featuring our PeakVue processing, it is possible to move beyond detection of machinery problems, such as bearing faults, to identify one the primary root causes – improper lubrication.

Without Mounting Pads

For monitoring standard equipment, this unique triaxial accelerometer can be mounted directly on the machine casing and still provide results in the primary axis that rival any standard accelerometer.

Speed & Performance

The Model A0643TX triaxial accelerometer attaches to the CSI 2130 via a single cable with no need for bulky multiplexers or adapters. When configured for optimal performance, the CSI 2130 can obtain a complete set of triaxial data – including a PeakVue measurement – in 7-10 seconds, drastically cutting field data collection time.